Located at 13243 McCowan Road, Stouffville, Ontario L4A 7X5 we carry all your equestrian needs including:

Riding Apparel, Riding Boots, Chaps, Horse Tack, Horse Blankets, Horse Care, Stable Supplies & Much More.

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Since 1974

Providing Stouffville With A Full Line Of Equestrian Products

Foxhunter was founded by Alan Plewis in 1974.

Foxhunter Tack Shop provides customers all of the tack necessary for the equestrian community. We carry everything from horse blankets to helmets and many more products for the horse and for the rider all for sale on our website and more stock in our store. 

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Foxhunter Tack Shop

If you don’t see a product that you’re looking for on our website, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have a long line of communication with different brands and can custom order products for you. If you need any assistance looking for something that you’re not quite sure of, our expert staff can assist you in finding the right product. We’re here to help and most importantly we’re here to get you the product you need.